General - General Questions

Is the app free?

Yes! The app is completely free for users. All you have to do is create an account.

Why do I need to create an account to watch Mosaic?

Creating an account saves your viewing history and the choices you’ve made while watching. It also ensures this information syncs across all devices.

If I have HBO GO/HBO NOW, do I still have to create an account to watch Mosaic?

Yes. The Mosaic app handles accounts separately from HBO.

However, starting January 22nd, you’ll be able to watch the six-part linear series of Mosaic on HBO GO and HBO NOW.

What’s the difference between the Mosaic app and the linear cut airing on HBO?

The Mosaic app is an interactive experience where you navigate the story by making choices. You choose which characters you want to follow and the perspectives you see.

The Mosaic series on HBO is a more traditional TV viewing experience that offers a linear perspective on the app experience.

Is the app available internationally?

The Mosaic app, which lets users navigate their own story paths, is only available within the United States and certain U.S. territories. The Mosaic series is available on HBO, HBO NOW and HBO GO, and will soon be presented throughout the world as a limited series on other TV networks.

What are Discoveries?

Discoveries are secondary pieces of content that lend new information or perspectives on the main chapter video. Discoveries come in multiple formats: video, documents, websites, audio recordings, and pictures. You can choose to watch a discovery when the alert appears within a chapter, or ignore it and access it at a later time from the icon in your player controls, or from the map.

What is the Story Map and how do I use it?

The Story Map displays how chapters connect, along with your path through the experience, based on the choices you have made. Chapters unlock when you make a choice in the story. Your current position in the movie is represented by a pulsing indicator. You can tap on an "unlocked" chapter to playback and view details.

What is a path?

A path is formed by continuing to make choices along a storyline until you reach the end of one of the the multiple endings.

How can I clear my history (the choices I have made) and restart Mosaic from the beginning?

You can reset your viewing history and restart Mosaic by tapping on the CLEAR HISTORY button within Menu > Account.

How do I report a technical problem on Mosaic?

If you think you've found a technical problem on Mosaic, you can report it from within the app or by sending an email to:

To report something that's not working from the app:

  1. Tap on the Menu icon on the top left of the Story Map.
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Send Feedback. This should bring up your device's mail composer. Type in your problem and hit send.

Make sure to include as much detail about the problem as possible in your report. Information like the kind of phone or tablet you were using and what you were doing when the problem occurred may help us to address the issue.