Troubleshooting and Login Help - Flash Player Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting On

If you're having an issue playing video on the web platform, try the steps below.

Make sure you are using the supported browsers

To watch Mosaic on, your computer must be running Windows or Mac OS X and meet the following requirements:

  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari

Check your browser version

Check to see if there's an update available for your browser. To find out how to do this, search the Internet for update + the name of your browser (i.e. update Chrome).

Safari still says Flash is not installed

Try changing Safari's Flash settings.

  1. Go to Safari > Preferences
  2. Open the Websites tab
  3. Click on Adobe Flash Player under Plug-ins
  4. Change When visiting other websites to Ask, or add it for Mosaic

Clear cache and reopen your browser

  1. Clear your browser's cache. To find out how to do this, search for 'clear cache' in your browser's help menu.
  2. Force quit and reopen your browser.
  3. Sign in and try playing video again on

Video playback worked in the past, but suddenly stopped.

If you were able to play videos in the past, try the following:

  1. Close all apps and restart your computer.
  2. Sign in to your Mosaic account on and try playing a video.

If videos still won’t play, try the following:

  1. Make sure the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed and enabled. To do this, go to Adobe Flash Player Help and choose Check Now.
  2. Check your browser configuration.

  3. Make sure third-party cookies are enabled.

  4. Disable ad-blocking software.
  5. Turn off private browsing or incognito mode.
  6. Disable browser plug-ins and add-ins.
  7. Force quit and reopen your browser.

How do I report a technical problem on Mosaic?

If you think you've found a technical problem on Mosaic, please email us at: