Using Mosaic - Navigating the Experience

What is my viewing history?

Your profile saves your choice selection and viewing history. It insures that the Story Map accurately depicts your progress and displays your current position within Mosaic.

How can I watch a locked chapter?

You can unlock “locked” chapters by fully watching a preceding connecting chapter. The lines indicate which chapters are connected.

What is the Story Map and how do I use it?


The Story Map displays how chapters connect, along with your path through the experience based on the choices you have made. Chapters unlock when you make a choice in the story. Your current position in the movie is represented by a pulsing indicator. You can tap on an "unlocked" chapter to playback and view details.

Zoom Views

You can view the full map by zooming out with a pinch out gesture, the minus button on the zoom controls, or by tapping on the background. You can zoom into a specific chapter by tapping directly on it, or by using the pinching gesture or plus button zoom control.


You can access discoveries for a specific chapter by tapping on the chapter directly and then tapping on the Discovery icon.

What is a path?

A path is formed by continuing to make choices along a storyline until you reach the end of one of the multiple endings.

What are Discoveries and how do I unlock them?

Discoveries are supplemental content - backstories, character reveals, or other insights. You can choose to watch a discovery when an alert appears within a chapter, or ignore it and access it at a later time from the icon in your player controls, or from the map.